The best landscape lights to elegantly illuminate your home:

The right outdoor lighting can enhance home security, increase safety when walking around in the night. It also allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces long after the sunset. For the best landscape lighting, you have to make plans to integrate a variety of fixtures and lighting types. Different exterior structures like trees, pathways and architectural details are best for certain outdoor light fixtures. You can consider a combination of some spotlights, underground well lights, LED light bulbs, wide-angled floodlights, pathway lighting and some outdoor landscape LED light bulbs and lighting to illuminate your home and outdoor at night.

For decorating your home and outdoor with lighting you need long lasting, energy efficient landscape lights. You first look for fixtures that use LED light bulbs, which are both long lasting and consume less energy. There is another option which is solar landscape lights which are eco-friendly that use the sun rays and a rechargeable battery for power. But these lights require direct sunlight to recharge, and it doesn’t offer much brightness as the other wired landscape lighting. If you want to increase the brightness at night low voltage landscape lighting provides another energy efficient option with DIY installation. These low voltage lights have a low risk of electrical shock and require less energy to run.

You can create the outdoor lighting system with these picks for the best landscape lights, like solar-powered and low-voltage options. These sleek, energy-efficient fixtures will keep your home brightened from sunset to dawn.

  • LED landscape flood lights: These kinds of lights mount in the ground and connect to the transformer. These lights illuminate large areas of your yard and help to increase home security with the set of wide-angled floodlights. These colors changing bulb lights are small like about 3-inch-wide and they offer three levels of light including warm white, soft white and daylight. This lighting system is hard wired and maintenance free.
  • Best landscape lighting Fern Pagoda 2 Tier Shade: These kinds of landscape lightings help illuminate your entire yard. These are low voltage fittings which must be hard-wired to a transformer, are made of cast aluminium and feature a textured brass finish. These lights are suitable for mounting within 4 feet of the ground. They are safe to use in wet locations like in rain or snow shouldn’t be an issue.
  • LED security flood and wall lights: These are full selection of wall and flood lights. This fitting has a wide selection of double head bullet floodlights, bulkhead wall lights and decorative wall brackets. These floodlights and wall lights come in low to high watts save up to 80% of energy. These are super energy efficient and last up to 50,000 hours average life. These wall lights are ideal lighting solutions for security lights both for residential and commercial. The security flood lights come with a motion sensor as well.
  • Best landscape well light: These are low profile landscape lightings. These are 6 inches across, sit mostly underground and it blends flawlessly into your outdoor setting. These lights use low voltage power to project soft white light upward, highlighting trees and other features of your home. These lights are waterproof and made up of aluminium and glass. These are suitable for every weather condition.