Technology Makes Pressure Canning Safe and simple

Not Your Parent’s Pressure Canning

I recall my mother pressure canning jellies and jams after i would be a kid. We’d go like a family to choose blackberries and she or he would spend hrs in the kitchen area making jelly. She used a stovetop pressure canner that scared the whole family. All of us feared a surge at any time. I’m able to still hear that noise from the steam getting away in the jiggler on the top from the canner.

The worry we’d originated from tales of explosions of stovetop canners that was not used correctly. My grandmother had this kind of accident that broken the ceiling after a surge. Bad recollections then one which i certainly wish to avoid.

Pressure Canning Still Viable For Longterm Food Storage

Using pressure canning is really a key part of preserving food for lengthy-term food storage. This provides you the opportunity to preserve many different kinds of foods that may last five years or even more. These food types will be ready to eat and participate in our overall plans for meals inside a jar as well as heat and eat meals.

Expanding beyond jelly we’re now canning vegetables of all, fruits as well as meats. Each one of these combine to produce a complete group of meals prepared to eat for the whole family.

But there’s still the lingering recollections from the perceived risks of traditional pressure canning.

Modern Canning Technology Eases Concerns

There needed to be an easy method. Technology had made great strides in other locations, why don’t you in pressure canning?

Through good research we discovered that technologies have had the ability to make the entire process of canning more automated. Done properly, the operation is fairly automated and far safer compared to year’s past.

We make use of a Power Oven XL as our pressure canner. The kodak playtouch camcorder may also do slow cooking and pressure cooking additionally to pressure canning, We make use of this appliance a lot it rarely continues shelves within the kitchen.

Using sanitary practices you fill the jars using the item you want to can. Add some covers and rings after which put them within the pressure canner. Add the right amount water to permit in order to obtain steam. Put the lid around the canner and press the button to begin the canning process. Make certain you have selected the correct quantity of your time for that product you’re canning. At this time, you are prepared to visit make a move else while your foods can.