Learning to beat cyber crime from the front line

Cyber crime is a factor which has seen much light in the press and media. As the era of the world wide web has grown and become as popular as it is, the elements of risk have also grown to match the extensive opportunities available online.

Hacker and cyber attack coders have developed incredible skills over the years and are now able to gain entry to private accounts in a matter of moments. It does not matter if you are a big or small company, you are still a prime target for a hacker. As long as there is something to gain, you are on the radar. 

Getting basic knowledge of cyber security and systems like cyberghost can work wonders for you business, so here are some quick pointers on how you can boost your security.

Staff training

Trusting staff with the every day running of your business can be the easiest way forward, but if they are not sufficiently trained it may soon cause problems. Employees within a business need to know the principles and procedures of security withi the place they work in order to carry out those measures in the daily motions of the firm. Without this training they are more liable to make errors and could cost the company thousands. 

Assigning staff to a training session will be beneficial but a key factor is not to leave it there. Keep the training constantly updated so all the information is fresh and relevant.

Removable media policies

As well as making staff aware of the various situations which could arise from not following security procedures, they should also have policies to follow and adhere to regarding removable media.

Items such as USB sticks and pens can be incredibly useful for keeping hold of personal data, but should that device go missing there could be a world of trouble awaiting. 

Ideal kinds of procedures regarding these devices include attaching the devices to lanyards so they stay with the employees at all times, or keeping the external storage devices locked up in a secure location. 

System monitoring

As well as fighting back after a cyber attack takes place, you should be putting in measures to help stop them from happening.

Having round the clock staff monitoring the activity of the systems in place within a business can help highlight any issues which are arising and pinpoint any potential weak points.

Once the weak points are identified a business can act quickly to toughen up defenses put in place on the computer systems, hopefully before any potential cyber attacker finds them. If an attack has been made on the system, a regular monitoring member of staff will pick up on the activity and the relevant authorities can be contacted quickly. Knowledgeable staff may also find the source of attackers.

Preventative measures are often more important so have this system in place could be the difference between a successful business and closed doors.