How to watch Netflix from any country in the world

How to watch Netflix when you are overseas? | TechGenyz


Available through part of Europe, Australia, the USA and others, Netflix has become a sensation for evening and weekend entertainment with a broad range of TV choices to suit the whole family.

Growing with the times of isolation and battling demons of not being allowed outside, the giant has seen phenomenal attention which looks to stay.

However, there are still many countries which do not have the ability to watch Netflix. So how can you stay up to date with your favourite Netflix shows if you are visiting one of these countries?

Looking for the answer

Finding a way around the problem will almost certainly start off with a search online. Looking up terms including vedere netflix italia dall estero will help to bring you closer to the solution but in order to truly get the real results, you will need the assistance of some additional software.

There are many firms online which advertise the fact they can give you access to Netflix and other streaming giants, but also advance with caution as some companies are not as legitimate as others.

Also, Netflix has started to catch on the concept of averting accessibility blocks, meaning you need to find a reputable and reliable service which has the knowledge and ability to do what it actually promises to.


One of the most common ways to gain access to Netflix in a territory which doesn’t have it, is to sign up to a VPN.

A virtual private network connects you to the Internet through a remote device which is very difficult to trace back to you. The overall idea of a VPN is to increase security and online safety to prevent the growing threat of online theft. With this, the allocation of new IP addresses comes in handy.

VPN service providers have servers based all around the world, so if there’s content you’d like to see on Italian networks and you’re in Japan, there is a way to watch it in your own home.

When a VPN user signs in to a server in a different country they are allocated a matching IP address for that region. It’s this code that will provide access to the previously locked content. This includes Netflix.

Changing your IP address for the Internet session will mean travellers and ex-pats can watch home shows very easily.

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