Why Face-To-Face Communication Is Much Better

With the range of electronic communication tools open to business today, do you sense that face-to-face communication continues to be relegated towards the approach to last measure? Therefore, have overall communication processes endured consequently? Is clearness being sacrificed with regard to speed and convenience?

In my opinion Yes may be the proper response to each one of the above questions.

Companies communicate today on the phone, teleconference, videoconference, im, email, not to mention the ever-present email. The rate of communications is lightning fast, the achieve everywhere. Information flows in massive quantities, across borders, without regard to time or night, with the touch of the Send button.

While it’s impractical nowadays to consider that face-to-face communications ought to be the method preferred by all occasions, there’s certainly a cost to pay for when it’s the final choice. Think about these distinct benefits of face-to-face communications:

1. Less possibility of misinterpretation. Personal discussion remains the first step toward communication. Loudspeakers and listeners are really conscious of the non-verbal components define 70-80% of communication. Can the author of the email or text identify confusion? Possibly. Can the sender think that the content continues to be construed properly? Again, possibly. But the likelihood of misinterpretation ought to be much less likely when the message is delivered face-to-face.

2. Greater responsiveness. Important message cues-words, visuals, words, facial expression, body gestures, and presence-can be found all at one time only in face-to-face communications. All of these are important components that skilled communicators use to full effect. Listeners react to individuals cues, sometimes quietly, sometimes not, and also the overall effectiveness from the message is influenced as due to.

3. More immediacy. Listeners respond to loudspeakers loudspeakers likewise read and respond to listeners. The communication process is thus expanded and strengthened. The give-and-take happens instantly, frequently with real results. It is simply different on the internet.

4. Overall greater effectiveness. Electronic methods aren’t as effective for resolving conflict, imparting emotion, or setting after which emphasizing priority out of the box face-to-face communication. Is the football coach email his pregame motivational speech prior to the big game? Is the President from the U . s . States result in the situation for his most important programs via text? Could a peace settlement be negotiated between warring parties via business call? You understand. Face-to-face happens to be, and stays, much better.

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