Industrial Band Heater – everything you need to know about it 

By using the convection, conduction, and radiation method industrial band heater convert fuel energy to thermal energy in a system. This process is also called heat transfer. Industrial band heaters are of different types according to their size, configurations, and shapes. They can also be differentiated with respect to their physical properties and fuel capacity.

Duct heaters 

For providing heat to moving gas streams Duct industrial heaters are used. The process of giving heat to the moving gas streams by duct heaters is why they are installed in the middle of the moving gas stream and the air will be heated when it moves.

Circulation heaters

For giving heat to the moving, flowing, or circulating fluid streams circulation heaters are the best option. Their heating process is very simple as after they got installed fluid flows through the heater by which heat is transferred to the stream.

Explosion proof heaters 

For protecting the material being heated explosion-proof heaters are used. This heater sometimes also includes housings, which can withstand sparking and flames. In every industrial site protecting the heat explosion is a must so it will be best to choose heaters that are made up of explosion-proof material.

Fuel requirement of heaters 

Different types of heaters require different types of fuel as some heaters generate heat after passing an electric current through a high resistance material. Some heaters generate heat by burning natural gas or liquefied natural gas or any other gaseous fuel to produces heat; these types of heaters are less expensive. Some heaters produce heat by burning oil like kerosene, petrol, or any other petroleum products, these types of heaters are expensive than electric consuming and gas consuming heaters and they also consist of metal columns with a heating element. Industrial buyers can select the heater according to their choice and budget.  

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