Why Did Kim Kardashian Get Flour-Bombed?

A woman dumped a bag of flour on Kim Kardashian‘s head at an event yesterday. Introducing her new fragrance at a Hollywood hotel, Kardashian was walking the red carpet when a woman walked behind her and poured the flour in ¬†Kardashian’s hair. Detained at the scene, Kardashian decided not to press charges and the woman was released later at the scene.

So why did Kardashian get antiqued? Was it a publicity stunt intended to garner some public sympathy for Kim K.? An obsessed John Hamm fan looking to get his attention? Someone that just couldn’t take anymore of Kardashian’s attention-whoring ways?

According to media members on the scene, the reason could have more to do with Kardashian’s sense of style.

Via MSNBC.com:

There’s no exact reasoning as to why this woman did what she did, but some media members said they heard her saying something about fur (uh-oh).

The animal rights group, PETA, has been targeting Kim and her proclivity to wear fur in recent years. ¬†She was named the organization’s worst dressed person in 2010 and was the target in a recent billboard campaign.

The group has denied any involvement with the act.

Kim Kardashian PETA billboard

Photo: flynetpictures.co.uk

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    I found that hard to believe, especially after watching the Kim Kardashian reality TV
    marathon. Kim initially thought that a tummy tuck would
    do the trick for achieving her weight loss goals. Just imagine all the fun fashion-forward moms would have
    fun changing those.

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