Vitale Tweets At Ochocinco ‘GROW UP’

ESPN basketball analyst Dick Vitale was not too thrilled to find some curse words on his Twitter timeline Tuesday morning.

“I am so disappointed – dig your personality but why stoop to the gutter with all that cursing,” tweeted Vitale at Ochocinco. “Kids emulate your ways – GROW UP BABY!”

The previous night Ochocinco was explaining the different levels of douche.

“Being a douchebag means you Douchetastically commit acts of Douchebaggery on a daily basis making you Douchelicious in all aspects of life,” tweeted the Ochocinco account. “Being a douche bag means I’ve surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however I’ve yet to reach f_*ker or motherf_*ker status.”

Why are you so obsessed with being a douchebag?

“The more people hate me the better, don’t you get it?” tweeted Ochocinco.

The following morning Ochocinco apologized for the ‘douchey material’ and ‘f_*kery’ tweeting that his account had been hacked and he had changed his password numerous times.

“Learned Ochocinco had twitter account hacked -it was not him using that profanity – Chad is too good for that. Love his energy and personality!” tweeted Vitale.

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