Torii Hunter Tweets for Help After Getting Stuck in Oxygen Chamber

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s Torii Hunter got stuck in an oxygen chamber at Angel Stadium after Tuesday’s game, and apparently had to go to the bathroom real bad.

So he did what any other person would do: He turned to Twitter.


“At the stadium zipped up in an oxygen chamber and there is no one around to let me out. I have to use the restroom. LET ME OUT!!” Hunter tweeted.

After a few more posts to Twitter, Hunter came up with a solution to one of his problems.

“Still trapped but I’m OK know. Used a Gatorade bottle. Hope I don’t get thirsty. Awww that’s nasty! Lol,” he posted.

He also posted a picture of himself in the contraption, just to prove it wasn’t a hoax.

After keeping up with more of his correspondence, the right fielder was finally released.

“Finally someone came to my rescue. I just want to thank u guys in Twitter world for hearing my cry. I forgot my Gatorade in the tank. Oh well hope nobody drinks it. Lol…,” Hunter posted.

Someone might want to alert the rest of the Angels clubhouse, at least so someone can save the bottle for Moises Alou.

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