TNT’s Steve Kerr Rails NBA Owners and Dan Gilbert

Social media and the social networking sports world have been targeting NBA commissioner David Stern and Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert¬†with their hate after the NBA has been, according to many fans, getting too involved with ‘basketball’ issues.

TNT’s NBA analyst Steve Kerr is the latest to jump in on the pile-on, albeit a different medium, as he criticized the owners and the NBA for their decisions regarding the Chris Paul to LA trade proposals while speaking to KNBR in San Francisco.¬†Kerr said:

“Every one of them is wrong and I don’t know how many there are either but I’ve been angry all day long about this whole thing because I think it was a great basketball trade,” he said of the Lakers offer. “There are so many trades made these days that are lousy trades that are made for financial purposes. I mean I made (when he was Suns President) one of the worst trades in NBA history. I traded Kurt Thomas and two first round picks to Seattle for nothing, to save $16 million for our organization. Where was the NBA then to veto that trade for basketball reasons?”

As for Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert sending the league an e-mail against the trade, Kerr said “he’s still upset that he lost LeBron and he needs to get over it” and that Gilbert’s “whole argument is false because those numbers are under the assumption that the Lakers would not re-sign Paul or use the $9 million trade exception that they got in the deal or use their mid-level exception.”

When has Steve Kerr ever lied?

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