Steve Nash the Fashion Model (PICTURE)

It’s no secret that Phoenix Suns’ point guard Steve Nash is a fan of the ‘beautiful game’. Nash grew up playing soccer in Canada and has been known to organize All-StarĀ soccer games featuring both basketball and soccer players during the NBA offseason. So it isn’t too surprising to see Nash offer his modeling services to former teammate and part-time photographer, Boris Diaw, for a series of ‘football’-related photos.

In a collaboration with Nike, Diaw took photos of various athletes and friends to showcase the new away kit for the French Football Federation and offer an interpretation of Nike’s Silhouette-Blance. Nash is pictured with his soccer-style haircut in a pose that announces that he is about to do some serious ball juggling.



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  1. Susan
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    what the fuck is he wearing? He looks he’s going to go skiing. Or maybe fencing.

    • hookedonsports
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      It’s “football related”, not what someone wears on the field. You know it is actually possible to make a comment with using the “f” word. Try it sometime. Someone might take you seriously.

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