Shaq Isn’t Hating on Dwight Howard, He’s Creating Dwight Howard

Shaq wants his social media audience to know one thing about his take on current Lakers’ center Dwight Howard. It’s not hate.

Responding to a tweeter who told the Hall of Fame center to stop ‘Hating On Dwight Howard’, Shaq recorded a YouTube video of his response.

“First of all, how do you spell ‘hate’? ” Shaq asks before spelling out the word while putting on his four NBA championship rings. “H-A-T-E.”

Shaq went on to give his definition of hate as ¬†when ‘you ain’t done nothing and you talking about someone else’ and explained that his comments shouldn’t be viewed as critical.

“When I say your man need to average 28 (points) 15 (rebounds) if he want to get some of these, he need to average 28 15,” Shaq said. “I know what I’m talking about.

“I push buttons, I want him to get mad, when he gets mad, maybe he will dominate, maybe he won’t, but I know what I’m talking about. I don’t hate, I create.”

While others in social media may continue to see it as hate, don’t expect Shaq to stop ‘analyzing’ and giving Howard advice until he dominates.

“Be one of the greatest, be better than me,” Shaq said. “I want you to be better than me, I’m going to keep pushing your little butt until you get mad, until you dominate.”

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