Serena Williams Feeling the Holiday Blues

Serena Williams at her peak will remain one of the most dominant female tennis players ever, but the social networking sports star says she would prefer shopping and chilling out over playing the game she started learning as a five-year-old growing up in Compton, Ca.

Serena Williams Twitter picture over the holidays


Williams said in her post-match press conference:

‘I mean I don’t love tennis today, but I’m here, and I can’t live without it, so I’m still here and I don’t want to go anywhere any time soon,’ she told reporters at the post-match press conference.

‘It’s not that I’ve fallen out of love – I’ve actually never liked sports, and I never understood how I became an athlete. I don’t like working out, I don’t like anything that has to do with working physically.

‘If it involves sitting down or shopping, I’m excellent at it,’ she added.

Williams has also taken to social media to air out some frustrations she may also be experiencing in her personal life. Williams started tweeting shortly before the new year (30-31):

I tried. Hard
I’ve been doing everything I can to bite my tongue…. But….
….. But really?? Shocking.
Like really, really???
Ok… Like FOR REAL???
Come on….
I’m afraid to sleep… because I keep dreaming about you.

Williams has recently been the focus of the social networking entertainment scene as hip-hop artists Drake and Common were involved in a misunderstanding over the tennis star. Common previously dated Williams while the gossip rumor mill had pegged Williams and Drake as having a summer fling.


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