Redskins’ Landry Apologizes for Tweets

Shortly after Texans running back Arian Foster tweeted a picture of his MRI, another medical-related tweet has caused a stir resulting in an apology from Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry.

“I was a little frustrated with the injury, little setback,” Landry said according the Washington Post. “It was all my fault, it was unprofessional and I take full blame for it. It was just a little frustration coming out. I’m ready to play and it’s been a while, so I hope y’all understand where I’m coming from.”

LaRon Landry apologizes for tweets

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Landry, who hasn’t played since November, recently took to Twitter to suggest his injuries have been mishandled by the team’s medical staff after suffering a strained hamstring during practice on Saturday.

“Uuhhh oo it ain’t my fault…blame the genius circus staff for the rush. wouldve been there 2wks ago. Im [sorry] but saga [continues]” Landry tweeted.

Landry had previously suffered a left strained Achilles Tendon that he was recovering from.

“Dont u hate when u absolutely know something 200% and dumb.?.?. still do the opposite of what u tell them!!! Set backs.?.?. !!!” Landry tweeted on Saturday.

Landry confirmed that he would miss the season opener against the Giants on Sunday.

He apologized. No fine needed. NBD.

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