Ravens’ Ricky Williams: ‘Weed Jokes Get Kinda Old’

There are many reasons why athletes stay away from Twitter.

Haters, need to focus, groupies on a sinister mission, coaches want them to stfu, etc.

For Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams it is a certain type of humor which keeps him away from the social network.

Photo: Palm Beach Post

“To all you smokers: what you do on Fridays or any other day is your business. My Purple Fridays are about showin Love for the Ravens,” tweeted Williams. “One of the reasons I don’t tweet much is cause the weed jokes get kinda old.”

Williams made his first tweet in over a month earlier with a simple enough ‘Purple Friday’ tweet which confused some of his followers as to what he was referring to.

Williams went on to explain it was a Ravens tradition where everyone wears purple and not a reference to a certain strain of cannabis.

“I’m not angry, I’m just lettin y’all know who I am since some of y’all got it twisted,” Williams tweeted.

Williams received instruction from teammate Ray Rice on how to block followers and received words of encouragement from Texans running back Arian Foster during the difficult stretch of tweets.

“@RickyWilliams you still inspire many. Be you bro. People find ways to try and make themselves relevant. Keep spreading light,” Foster tweeted.

Having been led to an early retirement in 2004 after testing positive for marijuana in multiple tests conducted by the NFL, Williams has been using yoga and his faith to stay away from sticky situations.

“It’s difficult to see people out enjoying their Friday night, eating/doing whatever, then I remind myself who I am and what I’m trying to do,” Williams tweeted. “I thank God for the inner strength to make decisions which support my ideals tonite. because it ain’t easy and I am not always able to do it.”

Don’t let a few bad seeds ruin the apple Ricky.

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  1. Posted at | Permalink

    pretty sad in this country we are allowed to get drunk, but not high on pot because of bull shit arguments that make no sense.

  2. cheesing hard
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    “…Williams has been using yoga and his faith to stay away from sticky situations.” with his dough, it better be REAL sticky!

  3. Steve
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    Yeah it better be hahaha

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