Patriots’ Welker and Hernandez Get on Twitter

The New England Patriots, with an already strong presence on Twitter from the receiving corp with Chad Ochocinco and Rob Gronkowski, has just gotten stronger as Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez joined the social media website this week.

“Don’t tell Bill I’m on here! Thanks! Hahaha!” Welker tweeted on Tuesday.

The social networking sports world welcomed the pair of Patriots helping Welker amass nearly 80K followers in less than 24 hours; Hernandez is nearing 40K since he created his account on Monday.

“Wes is like Charlie Sheen, he is shutting down Twitter today folks! Follow his booty @weswelker !!!” tweeted Gronkowski.

Actor Charlie Sheen set a record earlier this year when he put up over 100K on the board during his first hour on the social media website. Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant had an impressive debut when he was followed by 33,685 Twitter users 60 minutes following his first tweet.

Ochocinco, Gronkowski, Hernandez and Welker as a group have over 3.25 mil. followers with Ochocinco carrying most of the weight after recently hitting the 3 mil.+ followers.

Just don’t expect the quarterback or the coach to jump on anytime soon.

“You’ll never see me on Twitter, MyFace, Yearbook or any of that,” Belichick said Tuesday. “Forget about that.”

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