Lupe Fiasco Wants You to Smell the (Derrick) Roses

In the Bulls season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers, Derrick Rose showed social media and NBA fans why he was named the MVP last season by scoring 22 points and hitting the go-ahead floater with 4.8 seconds left in the game as the Bulls beat the Lakers 88-87.

Derrick Rose in the NBA opener

Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Following the performance, rapper Lupe Fiasco wanted everyone to #SmellTheRoses and hashed out in honor of the homegrown Chicago star. A variation on the Chuck Norris jokes, Fiasco’s #SmellTheRoses was a hit in Chicago and around the world.

“For my overseas fans Derrick Rose is an American basketball player for my hometown Chicago Bulls. All around great guy & player,” Fiasco tweeted.

Some Fiasco highlights:

– Twitter follows Derrick Rose.
– Jordan waits in line at FootLocker for a pair of Derrick Rose’s.
– Derrick Rose wouldn’t jump over a car to get out of the way…he would do it so the car could pass unharmed.
– Derrick Rose once doodled on a napkin in a bar. The French now refer to it as the Mona Lisa.
– When Derrick Rose looks into a mirror his reflection asks for an autograph.
– Derrick Rose didn’t feel so good one day. Doctors say he had a bad case of the cure for cancer.
– Stealth Fighter Jets are painted in “Derrick Rose Gray”…
– Derrick Rose doesn’t celebrate Christmas…Christmas celebrates Derrick Rose.
– Derrick Rose once gave a stranger stock tips. That mans name is Warren Buffet.
– As a child Derrick Rose used 2 practice his free throws…his coach said he must stop shooting from the other teams line
– Aight one more lol When Derrick Rose goes to the strip club the dancers make it rain for him!

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