Los Angeles’ Lakers Rumors Trending on Social Networks

With the social media sports world going HAM on the Los Angeles Lakers’ rumors, the idea of having Chris Paul and Dwight Howard join Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles has split NBA fans into two different camps. Those ready to hate and those who are excited about the possibility of having three perennial All-Stars on the same team on the West Coast.

Dwight Howard in a Lakers uniform.

Dwight Howard to the Lakers?

“So is everybody going to hate the lakers just like everybody hate the heat. If the trade goes down. NBA Finals will be epic,” tweeted Jared Sullinger, Ohio State.

If the Lakers somehow manage to acquire both Paul and Howard, the 2008 USA Olympics team will have produced two super teams in the Miami Heat and the Lakers with James, Wade, Bosh, Bryant, Paul and Howard all on the roster. The NBA is moving to an age where stars are not scattered all over the country but must align powers to make a serious championship run.

“I”f I’m the Lakers….I trade anyone immediately not named Kobe if I could get Dwight and/or CP3 #NBA,” tweeted Jalen Rose, media.

If there were any concerns about how big of an impact the NBA lockout would have on fan interest, the questions have been answered. None.

“Always more work to be done,” tweeted Chris Bosh, Miami Heat.

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