Cincy and Xavier Suspensions Excessive

Following the Cincinnati and Xavier skirmish over the weekend, both universities doled out what it believed to be reasonable suspensions. Six games for Cincinnati senior Yancy Gates, junior Cheik Mbodj and freshman Octavius Ellis; and freshman Ge’ Lawn Guyn received one game. Xavier suspended freshman Dez Wells and walk-on Landen Amos for four games; junior guard Mark Lyons for two games; and senior Tu Holloway for one.

The six-game suspensions are  too excessive. That is nearly 20% of the Bearcats’ regular season.

What is the Cincinnati administration thinking?

Although head coach Mick Cronin gave a press conference talking about what it means to be a college athlete at Cincinnati and threatening to kick players off the team that delighted the media, there is too much money to lose in losing an entire season.

This situation once again highlights how the illusion of student-athlete is becoming more and more antiquated by the day. Let’s call it like it is. Men’s basketball and football are employees of the NCAA and the universities they attend, responsible for billion-dollar industries while making minimum-wage salaries. A recent study conducted by the National College Players Association released in September found that the average fair market value of top-tier basketball and football players were worth, on average, over $100,000 each. For many schools the numbers are much higher. Duke basketball players were found to be worth up to $1 million each.

There was amazing restraint showed by both sides, at times, during the fight. We want college athletes to act like professionals, but they aren’t. People usually start acting like a professional when they become a professional.

Should have gave them all a game and called it a day.

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