Buffalo Bills Will Have ‘White Out’

The Buffalo Bills are having a ‘White Out’ this weekend as players have hit the social networks encouraging their followers and fans to wear white for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. The Bills will be donning its white uniforms at home for the first time in 25 years.

Buffalo Bills linebacker and social network sports star Nick Barnett (@NickBarnett) tweeted just how white out at Ralph Wilson stadium it will be on Sunday.

  • All white everything!!!
  • Better get your salt ready don’t want you to slip because of the #whiteoutattheralph
  • Jet fuel is known for freezing because of the #whiteoutattheralph
  • Flights have known to be canceled because of theĀ #whiteoutattheralph
  • Better make sure you got your snow tires
  • Think #BillsMafia won’t show up full affect in white you must be sniffing too much
  • We have decided to double the drug sniffing dogs because it might just be too much
  • BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen will be attending game so that means two things there will def be #whiteoutatheralph and we #winning :-)
  • If you add up all the kickers and punters in the #NFL there is still going to be more
  • Even Carleton’s dance couldn’t compete with the #whiteoutattheralph
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